Did you know that the origins of pilates were actually to train men for combat? So, naturally there are many reasons and benefits for men to do pilates, however, it has become a female dominated discipline. Let’s try and change that, let’s get men more flexible, stronger, and even better in bed !

We give you the top 7 reasons for men to do pilates below:


  1. Injury prevention

There is nothing worse than when you get in a solid routine of exercising, and then come across an injury right when you are getting in the zone. This has happened to me a couple times in my life, it can be tough to get back into the flow. Pilates is not only great for rehabilitation from injury, it can help prevent injuries in sports and athletics because it improves flexibility in your ligaments and tendons.

Also, for the competitive guys out there, you may be able to bench press more than your girlfriend, but, odds are she is more flexible than you. Studies have shown that women are far more flexible than men, so it’s time to step it up.


  1. Better sex life

This is true, pilates strengthens the pelvic floor. Men who practice pilates have greater control, endurance and movement of this area. I think you get the picture.


  1. Stronger core

What do most guys do when they start hitting the gym? Bench press, arm curls, rows…all of the things that when done incorrectly can cause brutal injuries and muscular imbalances. ( I am a man who has suffered from rotator cuff injuries based on my desire to look good at the beach ). It’s a trap that many of us fall into. Pilates will strengthen the muscles that actually give you centralized strength. They will also give you abs so not all is lost when you head to the beach.    (See #4)


  1. More defined abs

This is an important one for a lot of guys. Many studies have shown that after your eyes, bone structure and personality, abs are next in line of things women will find attractive on men. Pilates works the muscles underneath the abdominals by using slow and controlled core exercises that requires you to hold a pose for an extended period of time. This creates an intense and different type of isometric contraction for the abdominals that you may not be used to.


  1. Better posture makes you appear stronger and more powerful

Right now, as I type this I noticed myself hunching over a little bit. If you spend time at a computer, in an office, on your phone etc. you have probably noticed yourself hunching over forward, or leaning back really far. Not only is this bad for you structurally, it doesn’t make you appear strong and powerful when you sit like this. In social situations, this is a sub communication that people pick up on immediately, slouching and leaning forward gives the impression that you are tired, weak and about to give up.


I was at an event last week with hundreds of people, as a 5”9 man I held perfect posture in my chair as I had just finished a kettlebell class – I looked over in shock at the rows of people as I realized I was the tallest one in the chair. My head dominated the landscape of people much taller than me, most people have terrible posture. If your posture is proper, you will stand out amongst a crowd.  


Proper posture is also essential for the health and well being of your back. As some of you may know, back problems can have a very detrimental effect on not only your workout, but on your day to day life.