“There are many pilates instructors in Melbourne.
Why did I select Pilates On Keys?
When I made my initial enquiry, they impressed me with their knowledge and experience with the  technique, their commitment to ongoing training and education and the physical look of their centre. It is light and bright with pilates equipment on display.
As I had specific needs that only could be addressed in individual sessions, it was important that there be empathy, trust and respect between the instructor and myself.
Now that I have joined their program, I have found then to be professional, well organised and highly motivating. Feedback is continuous, encouraging and respectful. Importantly, my body is positively responding to their techniques.
There are even times when I find myself laughing due to a comment from the trainer. An unexpected bonus.
In short, if you want a positive Pilates experience, try Pilates On Keys for yourself .” – Andrew

” I have been attending pilates for over 3 years now and in that time I have felt marked improvements in posture stability and core strength.  Prior to commencing pilates I would regularly suffer back injuries and since doing pilates the frequency of such injuries is 10% of what it used to be and is normally when I miss more than one week.

In the last two years I have suffered a chronic illness and a significant part of my recovery I attribute to pilates and the low impact exercise that enabled me to get moving and rebuild muscle control and skeletal stability.

Luana is a very intuitive instructor who connects with her clients at their individual level and helps them achieve beyond their own goals.

As a 38 year old male Pilates was recommended to me by a physiotherapist and I am glad he did and even happier I took the advice.” – Clinton

” I was advised around 2 years ago to give Pilates a go before having nerves operated on in my back by a surgeon to see if pilates would help  my back.  Since starting with Luana 2 years ago not only has pilates helped me with my fitness, flexibility and core strength it has helped me with my back that I have not had to have the surgery.  I no longer have constant back pain.  Luana is an excellent instructor and gives very individual attention to each person in class.  The classes are kept small so that each person can have their needs meet.  I would highly recommend Pilates for flexibility, strength, fitness and wellbeing. ” – Gail

” It has just been my one year anniversary at Pilates On Keys and a good time for me to reflect on my journey. I took up Pilates after abdominal surgery and not only has it been amazing from a healing perspective, I have also noticed my core strength has dramatically improved over the past year. I’ve always been a big runner and have been pleasantly surprised to see that, since starting Pilates, I can run faster and further than ever before.

I attribute this to my strengthening core and postural corrections that come from regular Pilates sessions. What I have loved about the Pilates sessions run by Luana and her team is that they are customized so I am constantly being pushed and challenged within my own abilities in a supportive and professional environment. ” – Heather

” Going to Pilates On Keys has changed they way I experience my body and my life. Luana has a deep understanding of the whole body and how all the parts fit, and work, together. Her teachings have helped me feel into the different parts of my own body (including some very painful parts) and to find movement from a more integrated, lighter, and graceful place within. I can feel the difference in my body both in the studio and in my ordinary life – the journey with Luana has kind of changed how “I hold myself”. Luana has a gift! She’s as good as I’ve met in terms of intuiting my body’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. My body has felt supported every step of the way, in terms of what it was capable of doing at the time, and simultaneously challenged towards new horizons. The perfect ingredients!  I’d recommend her to anyone! “- Lucy

” My Pilates experience began with a need to get and keep fit, particularly in managing my MS. My mixture of  one Studio and Mat class per week have be been most beneficial.  It’s the stretching and balancing of the body which is so good.  In the Studio classes, the adjustments that Luana makes just get my body to feel in the right position and the benefit of the exercise.
I feel that I hold my body differently for much of the time and can pick more easily when I am slouching.  I learn something new about body posture in each class.   The only thing
that’s missing after each class is a massage!  ” – Marianne

” I have been attending Luana’s classes twice weekly for two years – which I love! Good fun and hardwork.I am now more supple than I have been for a long time and my body is extremely toned! Over the past five months I have lost 12 kilos (through dieting) but have no sagging skin – all due to Pilates. Well worth doing- good lifestyle change. ” – Theresa