Studio Classes

A studio Class is a 4:1 class ratio with an instructor.  All Studio classes at PilatesOnKeys Joseph Pilates traditional equipment.  We have  reformers, Cadillac, Wunda chair and Barrels which we incorporate into our programming.  Our instructors are highly trained by the industry’s leading Pilates government recognised training school.   Every client is individually programmed according to their body’s conditions and personal goals.  We focus on the correct postural alignment and technique while keeping our clients challenged in a supportive environment.  Pilates is for everybody and every age.

With Pilates everyday regular activities became easier by improving balance, posture and strength.  Whatever your goal, our pilates studio classes will stimulate, invigorate your body and mind for increased physical and mental wellbeing.

Before commencing studio classes every client must book in for 1 or 2 initial consultations( one hour ) to be assessed by an instructor, before commencing classes.

Duet Sessions

Duet sessions are designed for individuals who want to share a class with a friend or family member. A program is designed for each individual, specific to their body needs and goals.  Or the class can be designed to be a workout that both individuals together.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are for the individual that wants a one on one session with an instructor.  A personal coach and motivator to help keep you on track with your pilates journey.


The above classes are:

  • One hour duration
  • Tailored programs to each individual
  • Use all the traditional studio equipment (Reformers,Cadillacs, Wunda Chair, Barrels & Small apparatus)
  • Work on specific goals with your teacher
  • Get more specific corrections
  • Rehabilitation programs and more specific programs
  • Learn the detail of the exercises and master the advanced exercises
  • Pre & Post natal specificities

Mat Classes

Our group Matwork classes are a fun and challenging way to experience the Pilates Method.  These classes allow participants to enjoy continuous flowing movement, which can be matched to your current level of ability. With beginner through to more advanced levels.  Matwork can cater to all ages and fitness level.  A wonderful way to experience the pilates anywhere with or without props.

Barre Classes

Barre classes are a high-energy flow of ballet-inspired choreography, pilates-based exercises, with a focus on breath and movement.  It is designed to keep your heart rate up and your muscles working hard with zero impact, leaving you strong, sleek and streamlined.

Live  Classes

Our Live mat/barre and pilates classes are a great accessible way to get in your pilates class remotely from your home, hotel or even office.  With group classes or tailored private 30 or 60 min sessions, we can program for you.  A great way to keep your body fit and healthy when you are unable to get to the studio.  Whatever your goal is we will be able to reinvigorate your body for increased physical health and mental wellbeing.

Live Mat and Barre Classes and Private sessions 30mins or 60 minutes all prices are displayed in a prices page

There are many options to help us keep you moving even remotely.

Build a Better Body Video Library Online

PilatesOnKeys Online Video Library, is an extensive workout library designed to take a beginner to Pilates right through to more advanced pilates student through workouts

The foundational short videos are designed to teach and develop an understanding of the basic pilates exercises and breathing techniques.  This enables the student to move into the mat classes with more knowledge and movement technique.  These fundamental videos are even wonderful for a more seasoned pilates student to revisit deepen their understanding and focus.

The Library offers beginner mat classes, 50-60mins to short form workouts.

Target workouts can be used in conjunction with the mat classes to add more specific body part training or used on their own.

Our barre classes, beginner to more advanced for more ballet/pilates inspired moves, high energy low impact workouts that add fun and sweat to your day.

The Library is updated monthly with additions to both mat, target and barre classes so will keep you going throughout your stay with us.