Luana Popovic began pilates training in 2002 after her third child was born. Suffering from degenerative disc issues associated from incorrect weight training methods and long distance running. The advise given was spinal fusion surgery. Not wanting to opt for surgery Luana started Pilates to help strengthen her core and correct her postural alignment. Pilates has had added benefits along the way such as helping her long distance running. Luana was able to decrease her half marathon times and was able to recover from long distance runs far faster than previously. She gained her accreditation in 2007 with the Australian Pilates Method Association as a Level 2 Pilates Instructor and has also a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction with National Pilates Training,Melbourne.

During her Pilates classes she discovered that her body began to positively change as a result of building body awareness through physical movements. Her breathing, posture and core strength improved dramatically and inspired her to become a Pilates Instructor.
Luana enjoys working with clients of all ages and levels of fitness. She sees Pilates as an excellent exercise method to assist with postural problems, improve core strength and endurance and rehabilitate injuries. Luana is also interested in pelvic floor health and the importance of it in the wellbeing of men and women. “I feel most satisfied when my clients leave their classes feeling invigorated and having learnt more about their body/mind connection.”

Luana Popovic is a member of Pilates Alliance Australasia –  an independant organisation supporting the integrity and high standards of Pilates. Pilates On Keys opened in March 2010 and serves the community around Bayside, Mentone, Blackrock, Beaumaris, Sandringham and Mordialloc.



Jess Headlam

Jess discovered the Pilates method after taking up Egypian dance in her early teens. Her dance instructor was very concerned about her posture for her age and strongly suggested she start doing Pilates.

Jess quickly realised the benefits of the method, both physically and mentally and so decided she would make it her career. She studied with the highly regarded National Pilates Training.

Jess is passionate about how Pilates provides a deeper intention and meaning to exercise and allows you to shut the outside world off during practice and devote time to nourish your body.

Jess enjoys connecting with clients and has a genuine passion for helping them find enjoyment through movement by continuously building strength, enhanced flexibility and coordination.

Pilates On Keys is a member of The Pilates Alliance Association one of the leading Pilates Associations in Australia that ensures all our teachers are of the highest quality and standards.